Thursday, 10 June 2010

News in Brief

I am super busy *yawn* so am going to have to keep this quick. I have not had a chance to visit many of my fave blogs recently so apologies, don't think me rude - I will return once father's day is over.

Mr C&B celebrated his birthday at the weekend by running as many miles as he was old (nearly)! Totally nuts idea in my opinion - a 32 mile uber marathon across Dartmoor with no flat bits - no thanks.
We were all so terribly proud. He raised over £600 for Alzheimer's and crossed the finish line in under six hours with Sam (I did shed a tear)!

Half way through the race, Sam discovered his first wobbly tooth and kept shouting out to Daddy. Whatever happened to my little boy - can't believe his teeth are ready to come out. Wondering how much the tooth fairy leaves these days too - any ideas?

The hard work seems to be paying off this week with a few bits of press.
OK online mag feature C&B in their Father's Day gift guide - some really cool ideas over there. Loving the Polaroid camera!

The pitter patter range in this seasons edition of I'm Pregnant.

Also the first ever TV appearance for Chambers & Beau. The editor of Gurgle was interviewed on GMTV this week sporting her C&B necklace.
A few people emailed to let me know - thanks ♥

See you the other side of Father's Day x