Thursday, 9 December 2010

A home birth

It is manic here at C&B HQ. I cannot even spare the time to fart (which of course I would never do anyway) let alone really be here on the much neglected blog.

But, there is something I must share with you.
One of my customers has just has her fifth (OMG) child. She asked another of my customers (a very talented photographer) to capture the birth in stills.
The results are beautiful.

Emma wore nothing during the labour but her Chambers & Beau necklace.

More of the images can be seen at Sarah's fab blog here. Don't worry, it is all gorgeously tasteful (nothing down the business end)!

Even the midwife present has now been in touch (she is called Cheryl Cole - imagine my initial excitement).

The parents are popping over tomorrow to get an extra charm for the necklace and bringing the new arrival with them. This lovely story has really lifted my spirits. Almost given me a touch of wet eye ♥