Wednesday, 28 October 2009

♥ on your sleeve

I have finally pulled my finger out and gotten round to adding cufflinks to my collection. Really it was an obvious thing to add, the perfect gift for any special men in ones life, but they involve soldering and I was being a little lazy. No matter, they are here now and are available to purchase immediatement.
You might notice that I also now have a new size of font just to mix it up a little. The possibilities are endless as you can see just from the few featured below.

I also have new motif stamps and combinations of new charms for Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. But I will save those for another post.
Hope you like x

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Dear Readers,

I feel an apology is in order. I am terribly sorry to have been so neglectful of late. Just so many other things to do! I suddenly realised too how annoying for all of you who keep dropping by (humour me please) to be faced with that big fat arse each time (see previous post)!
So, here I am, back for now although hopefully things are going to be busy for the next few weeks so my posts might be a tad sporadic!

One of the things that has been keeping me busy is online Christmas shopping. Figured I should start early in case things get too hectic. Unsurprisingly I have managed to come across a few things for myself.
I love these carved wood angel wings - perfect for my bedroom wall
(I so hope Mr C&B reads this post - I couldn't make it an easier for him right?).

Anything from the talent that is my sister and brother in law will always make me very happy indeed.
And, finally, what I am aching to get is a painting from my lovely friend Lu, aka Sarah Bowman, aka The artist of Ashburton!
Her work is wonderful. I have worked out exactly what I would like in my still life, colours and all and I know exactly where it will hang in the house.
I realise that this is way too much to expect for Christmas but if I manage to sell enough of my jewellery then I am going to treat myself . So please feel free to help my cause and get shopping my lovelies ♥
In other news - I have been contemplating a fringe and then I saw this gorgeous image and my mind was made up.

I was going to post a photo of me with my new look but the similarity was just so uncanny that I didn't bother! (NOT).

Enjoy the rest of your weeks x♥x

Friday, 9 October 2009

Today... day five of my refined sugar ban.
It was getting really silly.
I mean eating cooking chocolate chocolate chips in desperation silly.
I decided that if I tried to sort out this crazy chocolate/cake/biscuit addiction and get off my fat arse and do some exercise, there is a (faint) possibility that I could look like this....
Via Daisy Chain - image by Rosie Hardy
Otherwise I fear I might end up looking like this....

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What are the chances?

A conversation I had today with a man trying to order a necklace.........

Tom - I cannot pay by paypal as it is my wife's account and I want it to be a surprise.
Me - No problem. If there is no rush you could send a cheque?
Tom - I don't have a cheque book.
Me - Actually, I just noticed your phone number is local. Are you in Newton Abbot?
Tom - Yes.
Me - Well I am only in Ashburton!
Tom - Really (surprised). Great, so I could come and collect it and pay you then?
Me - Perfect!
Tom - My wife has a friend who has one of your necklaces.
Me - I wonder if I might know her.
Tom - Maybe, her name is Charlotte Smith.
Me - And, who are you?
Tom - Tom Smith
Me - Did you go to school locally?
Tom - Yes
Me - I think I went to school with you.
Tom - Who are you?
Me - Amy Elson.
Tom - OMG!
Me - I was going to say, didn't I snog you when we were at school?
Both - Lots of (slightly embarrassed) laughter.

He is coming to collect it later this week. Will start working on the outfit now, must look my best!

Small world huh?
Names have been changed. Wouldn't want to upset the misses!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

This week

MONDAY - bumped into The Hon Kirstie Allsopp in my home town and had a little chat with her. Celebrity spotting in Ashburton is pretty much unheard of so there was much excitement. She later tweeted that she was looking at the C&B website and thought it all looked totally gorgeous - Woo hoo!
TUESDAY - received copies of Wedding ideas and I'm pregnant magazines - small features but any press is better than nothing. Getting lots of interest from brides to be at the moment which is exciting - a whole new avenue that I have not explored yet.

WEDNESDAY - made sloe gin with my lovely girl friends. Was great fun but am thinking that the pre Christmas tasting night will be even better.

THURSDAY - had some stock called in to amazingly gorgeous boutique Anna's . 6 stores across London - will be thrilled if they place an order - fingers crossed.
FRIDAY - Stressing. The Not on the High Street Christmas catalogue comes out in a few days. Over 400,000 copies get sent out. My shirt collar stiffeners are being featured and I have 100 pairs in stock. Thinking that out of 400,000 people maybe more than 100 of them will be buying a pair (or not). OMG - is that enough? If not, how many to order? Remember I have never done this before!
SATURDAY/SUNDAY - .... and relax
I L♥VE Christmas. this year I feel more excited than ever. My first Christmas in business - I wonder how it will go. As well as all the press I have organised I have also signed up to exhibit at The Designer Baby Show in November. Need to get my head round stand design now as well as everything else. So much to think about and am completely behind with my orders but Xfactor is calling.
No one will mind waiting one more day will they?
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