Thursday, 9 December 2010

A home birth

It is manic here at C&B HQ. I cannot even spare the time to fart (which of course I would never do anyway) let alone really be here on the much neglected blog.

But, there is something I must share with you.
One of my customers has just has her fifth (OMG) child. She asked another of my customers (a very talented photographer) to capture the birth in stills.
The results are beautiful.

Emma wore nothing during the labour but her Chambers & Beau necklace.

More of the images can be seen at Sarah's fab blog here. Don't worry, it is all gorgeously tasteful (nothing down the business end)!

Even the midwife present has now been in touch (she is called Cheryl Cole - imagine my initial excitement).

The parents are popping over tomorrow to get an extra charm for the necklace and bringing the new arrival with them. This lovely story has really lifted my spirits. Almost given me a touch of wet eye ♥

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I have written in the past about losing my blogging mojo.
This time it has gone well and truly or had you not noticed?
To make matters worse I was skimming through my posts a few days ago and cringed at the things I had written. I mean, seriously, who cares that I had a crush on Bill from True Blood (who has now been replaced by Don Draper of Madmen fame)!
I am happy however to keep you up to date with the goings on of Chambers & Beau.
A great response to the latest collections (find them here) with a bit of press and lots of orders.
Christmas ideas in trade jewellery mag The Jeweller.
Another Christmas gift guide but this time in inflight Flybe's Uncovered mag.

And, saving the best till last, another mention in Grazia's fashion charts.
This makes me very happy!

My only other news is that I have gifted Samantha Cameron. I thought she would be a good choice what with being the most photographed woman in the UK at present. No news yet but am hoping that a little thankyou note for her Family Classic necklace might plop on my doormat sometime soon.
Promise to be back soon

Friday, 24 September 2010

Peep Beau

Peep Beau - the new collection of personalised jewellery for your little peeps.
I got asked so often if I did childrens jewellery that I decided to take my charms and attach them to teeny tiny little bracelets and necklaces - simples and soooo cute.

Prices starting from £40 and all available from 1st October - just in time for Chrimbo.
Both this collection and the new 'We Are Family' are available to pre order now from the eboutique.
For all pre orders use code FAMILY for a 10% discount.
How kind am I?

Thursday, 16 September 2010


I have been given some advice about my photography. Apparently jewellery sells better online if the images are lifestyle rather than cutouts (like I normally have).
Luckily for me my photographer is fab at both. Really pleased with the results but not sure which I prefer.

What do you reckon?

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Coming soon....

The Family Collection

New charms, new fonts and twinkling brilliant cut diamonds for some added seasonal sparkle.
Available from the eboutique in a couple of weeks time.

Monday, 23 August 2010


The most amazing birthday weekend.
Brilliant friends
Fab presents
One hell of a party
Way too much fizz
A very cool card from my lovely sister

But, the best prize?

The safe return of my camera husband from Afghanistan.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Christmas sparkle in August?

I know no-one wants to hear the C word this early on but truth be told I am actually running rather late. Magazines are working on their gift guides and I still have not got all my samples together - Arghhh. Bit worried I am going to miss the boat but there is nothing that can be done about it so will just have to keep everything crossed that the editors and stylists love it enough to squeeze it in.
Photography is happening next weekend but I am so excited with the new bits that I wanted to give you a sneaky preview. I am waiting on new fonts for the text so this is still a work in progress.

Family Tree Classic
Its got diamonds and everything!!
Do you like?
My feeble reason for being so behind with all that is festive is due to the rather fab press I have received of late.
The Wish List in The Daily Mail

Grazia via the very lovely Polly Vernon

and Candis (no, I hadn't heard of it either)!

More Xmas goodies to come soon I promise

Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Enchanted Wood

Today we discovered a magical place just 5 minutes from our front door on the moor.
The perfect place to take the kids over the coming weeks of school holiday hell (can you tell how much I am looking forward to it)?
Got a bit carried away with the fab hipstamatic app.... but the sepia tones and the sunlight work so well.
Good luck with your school holiday plans. Any tips on how to keep a grumpy 6yr old and a 'stuck to my ankles' 2yr old happy would be much appreciated.
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Friday, 9 July 2010


We have linked up with the lovely people over at Gurgle again for a competition.
The prize - one of our amour love knot friendship bracelets.
So sign up here and cross those fingers!
Good luck and lots of happy weekend wishes.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

News in Brief

I am super busy *yawn* so am going to have to keep this quick. I have not had a chance to visit many of my fave blogs recently so apologies, don't think me rude - I will return once father's day is over.

Mr C&B celebrated his birthday at the weekend by running as many miles as he was old (nearly)! Totally nuts idea in my opinion - a 32 mile uber marathon across Dartmoor with no flat bits - no thanks.
We were all so terribly proud. He raised over £600 for Alzheimer's and crossed the finish line in under six hours with Sam (I did shed a tear)!

Half way through the race, Sam discovered his first wobbly tooth and kept shouting out to Daddy. Whatever happened to my little boy - can't believe his teeth are ready to come out. Wondering how much the tooth fairy leaves these days too - any ideas?

The hard work seems to be paying off this week with a few bits of press.
OK online mag feature C&B in their Father's Day gift guide - some really cool ideas over there. Loving the Polaroid camera!

The pitter patter range in this seasons edition of I'm Pregnant.

Also the first ever TV appearance for Chambers & Beau. The editor of Gurgle was interviewed on GMTV this week sporting her C&B necklace.
A few people emailed to let me know - thanks ♥

See you the other side of Father's Day x

Monday, 31 May 2010

A little R&R and a giveaway

So, this has been my view for the last couple of weeks!

We had a lovely couple of weeks in the sunshine (and rain grrrrr), recharged our batteries and even managed to read books (2 in 2 weeks - what bliss). The little poppets had the time of their lives living on bread, chips and ice cream, wearing next to nothing and not having a mummy whose default line is 'not right now, I'm just.....'

Of course the workload I have come home to is rather large. I knew it would be hard taking 2 weeks out and I guess doing it a few weeks before Father's Day may not have been the best plan!
My tan is literally falling off as I stamp collar stiffener after collar stiffener and by the time I get to escape from my studio I shall be back to a blue white with the possible remnants of a holiday cold sore - nice!

Father's Day falls on Sunday 20th June.
With lots of original gifts over at the eboutique you can give something that is as individual as he is.
Also, if you fancy a little discount use the code LOVEYOUDADDY at the checkout for 10% off.

And finally a little giveaway. Over at Facebook I will be giving away one of my new friendship bracelets (men's versions above). Once the fan base hits 500 someone will be chosen at random.
Now this might take a while, I am aiming high with 500. So tell your FB chums, spread the word and a winner will be announced before we know it.
Good luck x

Saturday, 8 May 2010

My (not so) lovely lady lumps

I have been meaning (after deciding to keep this a strictly business blog) to write a post about my latest feature in Devon Life magazine (read it here) and the exciting news of my first overseas stockist with a big order going out to Bahrain (C&B goes global baby) BUT I have more pressing things that I just need to get off (or, in my dreams on) my rather lacking chest.

I have been obsessing the last few weeks with finding the perfect bikini. What with holiday season fast approaching and the fact that I always struggle with swimwear, I started my search early. There are so many lovely ones around, but unfortunately for me you need some sort of 'lady lumps' to carry them off.

When I was in my early teens and beginning to grow my little bee stings my family called me sprout. Since breast feeding my two delightful (grrrr) children I am surprised that this nick name has not reared its ugly head. Suffice it to say that i am seriously lacking in this department.
We all have one area (at least) that we are not happy with and my little raisins are my problem area. When discussing this with my hairdresser the other day, she told me 'to go topless - its all about confidence'. OHMYGOD! I find it hard enough to get them out at home let alone to the whole world. Advice from my hairdresser should possible by avoided though - in the next breath she suggested I use 'ass-hole cream' on my mouth wrinkles. WTF!
One thing she mentioned though which did make me feel better was that the perfect breast should measure 21cm from the dip at the bottom of the neck to the middle of the nipple. Well, I measure 20cm so things could be worse. If I ever get round to having surgery they will be so high up I might look like Posh!
I think I have now found the best bikini shape for me. The bandeau - so it looks a little like a sports bandage but at least the cups don't stay inverted after being touched. And, before you ask, I shall not be posting any pictures of me in said bikini - haremgate was painful enough!
Now all we need is a little sunshine!
Happy Holidays ♥
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Monday, 19 April 2010

Summer Lovin'

Its here, isn't it?
Glorious sunshine all the last week, longer evenings, smells of sausages on the bbq and I even bought a pair of crocs today (not for me I assure you) so summer must have arrived.

My Love Knot Friendship Bracelets (nearly went for Posh Knot but Love Knot won out in the end) are then perfectly timed.

A flash of colour in the form of waxed cotton cord mixed with Chambers & Beau sterling silver personalised charms make for the perfect summer cocktail.

A pretty addition to any outfit. For real impact, choose a few colours from the array available and layer up.
Choose red for passion, olive for peace, pink for love, aqua for tranquility, purple for romance, navy for power, brown for stability, white for purity, green for luck, grey for balance and black for mystery.
Alternatively stack on the charms to make your statement.
Each piece comes with a spare waxed cotton cord and instructions on how to 'do it yourself' creating a friendship bracelet for life.
Prices start at only £35.00
I'm really pleased with how they turned out in the end after the headache they caused. Quite liking the loop closure.
Happy too, to have another item for the men in our lives. Mr C&B is not a jewellery man in any sense (just about keeps his wedding ring on) but even he has been sporting one of these ID versions as a wearer trial. I think he will be keeping it for good!
A good option for a Father's Day gift?

Available to order now from the eboutique for delivery beginning of May. Pre-order yours before 1st May using discount code 'welovesummer' and receive 10% off.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fame At Last?

Er not quite, but after 35 years (shhhh) I have finally made it into the local paper. Here I am heading up the business pages of The Western Morning News.
You go girlfriend!

Can't believe they took the shot from my bad side. Will remedy that for my next appearance......

Some coverage as well from Spain's El Mundo national paper. Not sure what it says exactly but am sure it is all good. The orders that have come in from Spain since have been slightly tricky - I seem to recall getting kicked out of Spanish classes in sixth form!

And, some more PR in the form of a regional glossy.

The only other topic featuring heavily in the C&B world at present is the dreaded friendship bracelet. How could something so simple create so much stress?
They have today however gone off to London for photography FOR THE SECOND TIME!!
(nothing to do with my photographers skills but my current inability to make a decision).
Hopefully they will be available in all their gorgeous colourful glory from the eboutique by this time next week.
Prices starting from £35 which will include a spare cord and instructions on how to do it yourself for when you fancy a new colour.
Watch this space

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sleepless Nights

(no, not over the Harem pants - see previous post)!
This week I have been trawling the internet for suppliers of rattail (lets call it satin cord - sounds so much nicer doesn't it).
I finally found a good quality supplier who sell on a wholesale basis and samples arrived the next day.
Such lovely vibrant colours - perfect for the summer months no?

Then I started working on the little friendship bracelets that i will hopefully add to the shop in a couple of weeks time.


An ID bar to be personalised Chambers & Beau stylie, one of my heart charms and the C&B logo tag.
Do I add a coloured stone too or is this overkill?

Who would have known that I could lose sleep over slipknots (the little feckers (slip knots) have been driving me insane, but I have finally got the hang of it).

So, what do you think of them - a cute colourful addition to the range?

If satin cord bracelets are good enough for Cartier they are certainly good enough for Chambers & Beau.

A final thought - what to call them. Friendship bracelet is a bit naff isn't it?
Any suggestions would be much appreciated x

Huge apologies for the terrible, terrible photography. Blame Iphone. You may have noticed that I have been cameraless for a good 6 months. My writing is not the best (no seriously), I am all about the pictures so blogging has been a bit tricky. It will eventually come back from Olympus and i will have to come up with another excuse for my poor blogging habits!

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