Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sleepless Nights

(no, not over the Harem pants - see previous post)!
This week I have been trawling the internet for suppliers of rattail (lets call it satin cord - sounds so much nicer doesn't it).
I finally found a good quality supplier who sell on a wholesale basis and samples arrived the next day.
Such lovely vibrant colours - perfect for the summer months no?

Then I started working on the little friendship bracelets that i will hopefully add to the shop in a couple of weeks time.


An ID bar to be personalised Chambers & Beau stylie, one of my heart charms and the C&B logo tag.
Do I add a coloured stone too or is this overkill?

Who would have known that I could lose sleep over slipknots (the little feckers (slip knots) have been driving me insane, but I have finally got the hang of it).

So, what do you think of them - a cute colourful addition to the range?

If satin cord bracelets are good enough for Cartier they are certainly good enough for Chambers & Beau.

A final thought - what to call them. Friendship bracelet is a bit naff isn't it?
Any suggestions would be much appreciated x

Huge apologies for the terrible, terrible photography. Blame Iphone. You may have noticed that I have been cameraless for a good 6 months. My writing is not the best (no seriously), I am all about the pictures so blogging has been a bit tricky. It will eventually come back from Olympus and i will have to come up with another excuse for my poor blogging habits!

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  1. I think you could offer with or without the gem - some girls are more girly than others. Like them!

  2. The bottom ones look like they would also make lovely necklaces...

  3. I'd consider doing a simple no charm one - I'd buy one in a swish

    Think they're great - simple and fun (how about putting on things like summer quotes ...)

    Oh & any chance you'd take the word verifcation off and go to approval or something, it meant I can't comment on my phone and 90% of my blog reading is on my phone

  4. Sweet my sis! Prefer without the stone, but that's just my humble opinion!

  5. Agree with the with or without option (moobaacluck!) as personalisation all your thing
    how about 'summer knotted stacking' bracelets (maybe a bit long non?) - maypole bracelets after the ribbons?

  6. These are lovely Amy. Ilike them plain and simple without the stone. but agree with Brighton Bumpkins. L x

  7. How about slipknot bracelet or something with the word satin? Do you extend them to get them on as I can't spy a clasp? I love the addition of the colours with the metal, something really different. I'd say option for additional gemstones. Well done, they're fab!

  8. gorgeous! i have a good trade supplier of said cord (2 in fact !!) email me if you need them - they do a nice coloured waxed cotton as well.
    sarah x