Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I have written in the past about losing my blogging mojo.
This time it has gone well and truly or had you not noticed?
To make matters worse I was skimming through my posts a few days ago and cringed at the things I had written. I mean, seriously, who cares that I had a crush on Bill from True Blood (who has now been replaced by Don Draper of Madmen fame)!
I am happy however to keep you up to date with the goings on of Chambers & Beau.
A great response to the latest collections (find them here) with a bit of press and lots of orders.
Christmas ideas in trade jewellery mag The Jeweller.
Another Christmas gift guide but this time in inflight Flybe's Uncovered mag.

And, saving the best till last, another mention in Grazia's fashion charts.
This makes me very happy!

My only other news is that I have gifted Samantha Cameron. I thought she would be a good choice what with being the most photographed woman in the UK at present. No news yet but am hoping that a little thankyou note for her Family Classic necklace might plop on my doormat sometime soon.
Promise to be back soon


  1. Lost mine too! And who hasn't got a few pointless posts on my blog! X

  2. helloooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! i care! i care about your hareem pants! and i very much care about don draper for i am MADLY in love with him too. come back soon. x

  3. Saw you in Grazia Amy! They looked fantastic! I suspect you're going to be super busy now for the next two months. Good luck! x