Monday, 19 April 2010

Summer Lovin'

Its here, isn't it?
Glorious sunshine all the last week, longer evenings, smells of sausages on the bbq and I even bought a pair of crocs today (not for me I assure you) so summer must have arrived.

My Love Knot Friendship Bracelets (nearly went for Posh Knot but Love Knot won out in the end) are then perfectly timed.

A flash of colour in the form of waxed cotton cord mixed with Chambers & Beau sterling silver personalised charms make for the perfect summer cocktail.

A pretty addition to any outfit. For real impact, choose a few colours from the array available and layer up.
Choose red for passion, olive for peace, pink for love, aqua for tranquility, purple for romance, navy for power, brown for stability, white for purity, green for luck, grey for balance and black for mystery.
Alternatively stack on the charms to make your statement.
Each piece comes with a spare waxed cotton cord and instructions on how to 'do it yourself' creating a friendship bracelet for life.
Prices start at only £35.00
I'm really pleased with how they turned out in the end after the headache they caused. Quite liking the loop closure.
Happy too, to have another item for the men in our lives. Mr C&B is not a jewellery man in any sense (just about keeps his wedding ring on) but even he has been sporting one of these ID versions as a wearer trial. I think he will be keeping it for good!
A good option for a Father's Day gift?

Available to order now from the eboutique for delivery beginning of May. Pre-order yours before 1st May using discount code 'welovesummer' and receive 10% off.


  1. They look lovely, sis. I especially like the top photo - look great altogether like that xx

  2. They look so bright and colourful what cheery pieces to wear. They look great with lots of charms and also with when they have only one thing. They look very ssimple to waer and I should imagine that they feel great against your skin. Glad to hear you are enjoying the Summer or the beginnings of it. Let's hope that it is a good one this year. L x

  3. I LOVE these, thanks so much for posting! Love their friendship bracelet look! Wonderful blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy! x

  4. love them amy. love the grey especially. gorgeous addition to your collection. x

  5. Have bought Devon Life. The plastic envelope was just a ploy to make me purchase, so I could get it home and rip it open. Anyway, when a friend is in a magazine you buy it. Thought it was fantastic and took it over to Donna's to show her. And thus followed a conversation about how your designs are so much nicer than anything else! You looked great, very Chic with that scarf lady, you worked it.
    Thank you for your lovely comment, I could hear you in my head. Love Laura x

  6. totally wonderful! I really dig the colors. Green is quite tempting. All the stressing was well worth it huh?

    hope the season is treating you well. I have one month until school's out..for.the.summer!