Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Christmas sparkle in August?

I know no-one wants to hear the C word this early on but truth be told I am actually running rather late. Magazines are working on their gift guides and I still have not got all my samples together - Arghhh. Bit worried I am going to miss the boat but there is nothing that can be done about it so will just have to keep everything crossed that the editors and stylists love it enough to squeeze it in.
Photography is happening next weekend but I am so excited with the new bits that I wanted to give you a sneaky preview. I am waiting on new fonts for the text so this is still a work in progress.

Family Tree Classic
Its got diamonds and everything!!
Do you like?
My feeble reason for being so behind with all that is festive is due to the rather fab press I have received of late.
The Wish List in The Daily Mail

Grazia via the very lovely Polly Vernon

and Candis (no, I hadn't heard of it either)!

More Xmas goodies to come soon I promise


  1. Well done you. I LOVE the family tree, it's stunning!

  2. Well done - great press! Love my friendship bracelet by the way. Very Funkyyyy!! New christmas line is gorgeous. Good luck with getting it all done in time - sure you will.

  3. Very nice tree - I do love your bracelets (am still petitioning Mr for one)

  4. I saw you in the wish list and told my sister I know her :)