Friday, 9 October 2009

Today... day five of my refined sugar ban.
It was getting really silly.
I mean eating cooking chocolate chocolate chips in desperation silly.
I decided that if I tried to sort out this crazy chocolate/cake/biscuit addiction and get off my fat arse and do some exercise, there is a (faint) possibility that I could look like this....
Via Daisy Chain - image by Rosie Hardy
Otherwise I fear I might end up looking like this....


  1. Oh my where to start Amy. You have touched a nerve! I swear I have put on weight after trying to get fit and lose some and get back into the jeans. I will DO better this week. i promise. Also it has to be said that yes I would love to look like the top picture, but that bottom in the second one, surely it can't be natural. it is huge! I think it needs a pool of its own. HOW is it managing to stay up like that. It CAN'T be natural. And look can't see any cellulite either. Oh dear my mind had been mentally scarred with this image. What have you done to me. Will have to fight with H who gets to run tomorrow.

  2. Also, the bunting has been looking at me all week, beseeching me with small cries of send me to AMY. Get Off your fat arse and walk the 500 metres to the post office. Do it NOW!!!
    I will do it tomorrow.x

  3. Oh for christs sake I nearly choked on my chocolate mouse!!! That is some booty.I think she should be proud of it in a strange way although ,given how little she has on ,I'd say she is just going with it.Maybe if we all got tattoos and fake tanned ourselves our booty could look like that too.....maybe.......Do you think she has had booty implants??Booty botox??? God knows I found out the other day you can get botox in your armpits to stop, ahem, perspiring!xx

  4. How the hell does she find jeans to fit?!?!?! I can't find jeans to fit and my butt is not that shapely!

  5. Oh my Lord, can I take pic one please!

    Hi there, thanks for adding DJA to your reading list, looks liking your havin' some fun over here. Must read some previous's.

  6. oops-rw is me.mum was on my computer-grr!

  7. wooow I'm sure you would not end up looking like the last photo :) Good luck with the diet, I know I had to cut out ALL sugars for a year with docs finding I was fructose intolerant - now that was interesting!! Hugs, Catherine x