Sunday, 4 October 2009

This week

MONDAY - bumped into The Hon Kirstie Allsopp in my home town and had a little chat with her. Celebrity spotting in Ashburton is pretty much unheard of so there was much excitement. She later tweeted that she was looking at the C&B website and thought it all looked totally gorgeous - Woo hoo!
TUESDAY - received copies of Wedding ideas and I'm pregnant magazines - small features but any press is better than nothing. Getting lots of interest from brides to be at the moment which is exciting - a whole new avenue that I have not explored yet.

WEDNESDAY - made sloe gin with my lovely girl friends. Was great fun but am thinking that the pre Christmas tasting night will be even better.

THURSDAY - had some stock called in to amazingly gorgeous boutique Anna's . 6 stores across London - will be thrilled if they place an order - fingers crossed.
FRIDAY - Stressing. The Not on the High Street Christmas catalogue comes out in a few days. Over 400,000 copies get sent out. My shirt collar stiffeners are being featured and I have 100 pairs in stock. Thinking that out of 400,000 people maybe more than 100 of them will be buying a pair (or not). OMG - is that enough? If not, how many to order? Remember I have never done this before!
SATURDAY/SUNDAY - .... and relax
I L♥VE Christmas. this year I feel more excited than ever. My first Christmas in business - I wonder how it will go. As well as all the press I have organised I have also signed up to exhibit at The Designer Baby Show in November. Need to get my head round stand design now as well as everything else. So much to think about and am completely behind with my orders but Xfactor is calling.
No one will mind waiting one more day will they?
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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Amy what a very busy, but completely fabulous week. I think you definitely need to relax with a little bit of the X factor to recover and get ready for the next week. Laura x

  2. Amy, Its all SO exciting, well done you. We tried to get in the NOTHS catalogue but no joy, I recon your 100 will be gone in a week !!!!!!
    Isn't X factor the best, I got to go to one of the live shows last year it was one of the best nights of my life how sad am I !!!!
    PS I will be working on ideas for a book in OZ n the sun Yyyeeyyyyyy

  3. Hi, I have never commented before but read your blog. A bracelet I make is being featured too in the catalogue, and pleased to hear that I am not alone in worrying how many to make! Good luck with your stand at The Designer Baby Show - I have a stand at the Country Living Show in November so again know how you feel. Good luck! Kathy

  4. Your life is so rock'n'roll! Nearly as exciting as Liskeard - not!

  5. Yeah right! Watching 'in the night garden' with Moo - so rock 'n' roll!

  6. what a week! Congrats on all your mag features, fantastic :) Good luck with orders and shows.
    Catherine x

  7. I receieved a C&B necklace for my birthday last week and just wanted to leave a comment to let you know that I LOVE it, it's beautiful.
    Good luck with your forthcoming ventures.
    Sarah x

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks so much for your comment and kind words. Hope you get lots of enjoyment out of wearing it.
    Best wishes x

  9. hi there
    i'm a huge fan of your blog...
    just letting you know that you've been awarded a 'lovely blog award'...
    you can check out all the details here..
    best wishes

  10. conrats!