Monday, 30 March 2009

It's all about ME

I had been designing award-winning jewellery for some well known brands for over a decade when my second child was born. The thought of working full time (even from home), commuting to London for meetings and juggling two small children just seemed like too much for me so I abandoned the corporate world of jewellery.

I wanted to celebrate the birth of my children with a special piece of personalised bling but could find nothing beautiful enough on the market. I decided to follow my dream and began designing and creating my own.

I started by making one for myself (see above), hand stamped with my children's names, Sam (chambers) and Molly (beau). I wanted the necklace to be tactile, organic and playful so I added textured hearts and beautiful semi precious stones. This necklace spawned so many requests from fellow parent admirers that in late 2008 Chambers & Beau was born.

So, this is really just the beginning. Feel free to check in whenever you like to see how it grows and develops x

Sunday, 29 March 2009

A Little Encouragement

When you start something new it is so great for your confidence when friends and family show support and seem to love what you are doing. When this encouragement comes from a source with no connection it feels just so good. So the press I have had so far and at such an early stage just fills me with joy.
I was featured in the March issue of Junior magazine as a gift suggestion for Mother's Day. 'Chambers & Beau create beautiful bespoke necklaces. A lovely gift for a lovely mummy.'

The lovely Brendy Cuby also wrote about me on Bambino Goodies and I was even Editors pick on the super cool site Mums Rock.

I think people might like my necklaces - Yay x

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Dipping my toes

So, I have managed to put off starting a blog for a while now despite everyone telling me how good it will be for my business. My 'so busy with mothers day orders' excuse can no longer hold and as I do have a little free time I thought I should give it a go. Obviously could easily be filling my time cleaning under the sofa etc but my writting skills are never going to get better so now is as good a time as any.

Just wanted to send out a little thank you to all the people who ordered from me for their Mother's Day presents. Was amazed by how busy I was and hope that the recipients are all loving their new Chambers & Beau treasures xx

For all those mums whose mother's day came and went without any celebration, I hope to brighten your day soon. Next month I will be giving away one of my Darcey Classic Necklaces (worth £78.00). Feel free to leave a comment and I will choose who I believe deserves one the most. You can choose a sentimental word that you would like stamped onto the charm, your child's name or a special date - I look forward to hearing from you x

For more information or to buy online click here.