Monday, 30 March 2009

It's all about ME

I had been designing award-winning jewellery for some well known brands for over a decade when my second child was born. The thought of working full time (even from home), commuting to London for meetings and juggling two small children just seemed like too much for me so I abandoned the corporate world of jewellery.

I wanted to celebrate the birth of my children with a special piece of personalised bling but could find nothing beautiful enough on the market. I decided to follow my dream and began designing and creating my own.

I started by making one for myself (see above), hand stamped with my children's names, Sam (chambers) and Molly (beau). I wanted the necklace to be tactile, organic and playful so I added textured hearts and beautiful semi precious stones. This necklace spawned so many requests from fellow parent admirers that in late 2008 Chambers & Beau was born.

So, this is really just the beginning. Feel free to check in whenever you like to see how it grows and develops x

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