Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Across the pond

It seems the urge for unique personalised jewellery is not confined to this green and pleasant land. American clients have been clamoring for their very own sterling silver keepsakes - among them a mother of three with two sons on tour in Iraq. Her Chambers Maxi necklace lets her keep her loved ones close to her heart. Now all I have to do is get her on Oprah...

Mothers day falls in early May in US giving me a little extra time to adorn the maternal neckline. Orders have started coming in, so far no interesting names; maybe I'll get a few Obamas next year. In the meantime Mary, a hairdresser from Boston has been loving her Mini Necklace. The 19 inch chain routinely dangles in her clients face during their shampoo. Chambers & Beau hypnosis, nice marketing technique; thanks Mary!

If you would like to make your mum feel special this year with one of my keepsakes, there is still time so get shopping here!

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