Sunday, 12 April 2009

No more chocolate please.....

..... did I really just write that? Maybe I could take a break for a couple of hours at least.

Wow, what a lovely weekend we have had. Despite the gloomy weather forecast we have had glorious sunshine for the most part and hanging out with family, eating chocolate with the warm sun on your face - what could be better? Our kitchen seems to have turned into a small sweet shop and I fear for the kids having to consume that much sugar. Molly and Sam are lucky to have loving parents who will always step in and help out!!

Was lovely to come home today and find lots of new visitors to the blog - Welcome x
Thankyou to my amazingly talented friend Mandy from belle and boo for mentioning me on her lovely blog. I have not seen Mandy for years but stumbled upon her site recently and recognised her beautiful illustrations immediately. I still need to choose which ones I fancy for Molly moo's bedroom.

Happy Easter x

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