Thursday, 30 April 2009

Treats for the boys

I have the most lovely neighbour. Yume not only puts up with me and the kids peering over the fence quite regularly, she also allows me to use her lovely workshop. For Yume is also a jewellery designer - what are the chances of that? I don't mean a 'jewellery designer' who threads beads on leather, but a proper, got a blow torch, polisher, all the kit, type of jewellery designer.

I often hear her tapping away, planishing metal out the back and sometimes secretly watch her work from Molly's bedroom window. Her jewels are all made by her own fair hands, even down to the smallest jump ring. This equates to very sore fingers and buckets of patience but it is so worth it, for the results are simply divine. Enter her world here.

Last night I got to spend some time in Yume's magical nook in the back garden, making a few new pieces. My sudden realisation that Father's Day is fast approaching (June 11th I think) made me bring some of my gift ideas for Christmas forward a few months.
Sterling silver keyrings adorned with my charms and collar stiffeners with personal messages will be available to buy in the next few weeks. So now Daddys get to carry their little ones close by at all times too x


  1. What a great idea! Love the photo.

  2. This is such a fab idea... well done!!

  3. Wow what a talented neighbourhood you have! Yume's jewellery is beautiful as is yours. I forgot to tell Laura how stunning her nacklace was when I saw it on her the other day. Your Father's Day presents are wonderful, clever you!