Monday, 4 May 2009

Lock up your daughters.........

....... Alex has arrived!

Meeting friends' new babies is always a lovely experience but today we met someone, who at times, I thought would never arrive. Tom and Hanna have been trying for a family for a long old time now. The journey has been a very long, painful one but about six weeks ago a call came from America to tell them that the mother, who had chosen them to adopt her son, had gone into labour.

They immediately flew to Florida and amazingly made it just in time for Tom to cut the cord. After a stressful month in the States going through the motions of adoption they have finally returned home with beautiful baby Alexander.

Meeting him today was truly special. Tom and Hanna now have their missing piece and their home feels so complete.

Sam made the new family a wonderful card featuring Super Sam and Super Alex.

And of course, I couldn't resist the oportunity to make a keepsake for Hanna.

Beautiful baby Alex was well worth the wait - Congratulations Tom and Hanna, Mummy and Daddy. Watch out though, I reckon you have a heartbreaker on your hands x


  1. oh Amy, on the brink of tears reading this. I am so incredibly happy for them, I know that it has been a long time coming and Alex looks completely worth the wait. He is so utterly beautiful. Huge congratulations to them and I can't wait to meet him. xxx

  2. Plus Sam is an artistic genius. Will he do me one?

  3. Its just so amazing huh. Can't stop smiling just thinking about him x

  4. Just amazing, I'm all teary.

  5. so beautiful. what a lovely post. i'm very happy for your friends.

  6. Wow! That's amazing!
    Congatulations to all!!!
    Your photographs are very beautiful.
    This is my first time visiting, I will do so again, your blog has such a lovely vibe