Monday, 31 May 2010

A little R&R and a giveaway

So, this has been my view for the last couple of weeks!

We had a lovely couple of weeks in the sunshine (and rain grrrrr), recharged our batteries and even managed to read books (2 in 2 weeks - what bliss). The little poppets had the time of their lives living on bread, chips and ice cream, wearing next to nothing and not having a mummy whose default line is 'not right now, I'm just.....'

Of course the workload I have come home to is rather large. I knew it would be hard taking 2 weeks out and I guess doing it a few weeks before Father's Day may not have been the best plan!
My tan is literally falling off as I stamp collar stiffener after collar stiffener and by the time I get to escape from my studio I shall be back to a blue white with the possible remnants of a holiday cold sore - nice!

Father's Day falls on Sunday 20th June.
With lots of original gifts over at the eboutique you can give something that is as individual as he is.
Also, if you fancy a little discount use the code LOVEYOUDADDY at the checkout for 10% off.

And finally a little giveaway. Over at Facebook I will be giving away one of my new friendship bracelets (men's versions above). Once the fan base hits 500 someone will be chosen at random.
Now this might take a while, I am aiming high with 500. So tell your FB chums, spread the word and a winner will be announced before we know it.
Good luck x

Saturday, 8 May 2010

My (not so) lovely lady lumps

I have been meaning (after deciding to keep this a strictly business blog) to write a post about my latest feature in Devon Life magazine (read it here) and the exciting news of my first overseas stockist with a big order going out to Bahrain (C&B goes global baby) BUT I have more pressing things that I just need to get off (or, in my dreams on) my rather lacking chest.

I have been obsessing the last few weeks with finding the perfect bikini. What with holiday season fast approaching and the fact that I always struggle with swimwear, I started my search early. There are so many lovely ones around, but unfortunately for me you need some sort of 'lady lumps' to carry them off.

When I was in my early teens and beginning to grow my little bee stings my family called me sprout. Since breast feeding my two delightful (grrrr) children I am surprised that this nick name has not reared its ugly head. Suffice it to say that i am seriously lacking in this department.
We all have one area (at least) that we are not happy with and my little raisins are my problem area. When discussing this with my hairdresser the other day, she told me 'to go topless - its all about confidence'. OHMYGOD! I find it hard enough to get them out at home let alone to the whole world. Advice from my hairdresser should possible by avoided though - in the next breath she suggested I use 'ass-hole cream' on my mouth wrinkles. WTF!
One thing she mentioned though which did make me feel better was that the perfect breast should measure 21cm from the dip at the bottom of the neck to the middle of the nipple. Well, I measure 20cm so things could be worse. If I ever get round to having surgery they will be so high up I might look like Posh!
I think I have now found the best bikini shape for me. The bandeau - so it looks a little like a sports bandage but at least the cups don't stay inverted after being touched. And, before you ask, I shall not be posting any pictures of me in said bikini - haremgate was painful enough!
Now all we need is a little sunshine!
Happy Holidays ♥
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