Wednesday, 29 July 2009


This weekend while we waited for Mr C&B's callout to Afghanistan (he finally left yesterday) we managed to spend some time with lovely friends we don't get to see often enough. They helped ease the stresses that we had been feeling not only due to the big trip to a WAR ZONE but also the fact that everything in our lives seems to be breaking down - car, boiler, oven and finally my mobile. I thought bad things were supposed to come in threes!
Anyhoo, to escape all the crap at home we visited friends Tom and Hanna who I have posted about before. Their son, Alex, is now 4 months old - he is growing so fast and is totally adorable. Didn't hear a peep out of him all weekend.

In between cooing over Alex and enjoying their home grown food (they have a veggie patch/field to die for) we admired Tom's new sculptures in their garden. Check out his clever, clever work here and here.

We then made our way to Howard and Laura's (clever lady of Cloudfishing fame) aka 'The Bungalow' for an amazing bbq feast. The kids played together brilliantly, tearing round the huge stretch of sand at Westward Ho, dodging the jelly fish with faces caked in sand and ice cream.

The sea air and wonderful friends blew away our dark moods very quickly and we had such a fab time.
Finally Laura suprised me with some super cute bunting she made for the nippers. It is hanging in their rooms and I would love to post a picture but would you believe it, the fecking camera has decided to jam.
I do not have a picture of me in tears but Molly looks an awful lot like me in times of crisis - you get the idea!
Things can only get better x
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  1. That is such a great photo of Alex! And of Molly too! Loved seeing you guys, can't believe your camera is broke aswell. Here's hoping that things will get better soon. Laura x

  2. Ha, ha, that could be you in that last shot!!
    Must be something in the air things going wrong. You may have heard that Steve poured some plaster of paris down the kitchen sink yesterday. What a tool. Literally money down the drain (plumber here for several hours). So glad Matt got back safely. Lol x

  3. oh these babies are all so cute! That last shot a pirate. soooooo cute!!!

    Thank you for your comment ..and as you may not know what I'm going through ...I couldn't even image anyone I loved heading to the WAR ZONE ...good luck with the other stuff ;)

  4. Oh poor crappy shitty time!!! How long is hubby there for? Cute shots of kiddies and LOVE Mollys crisis shot!! Also the use of 'fecking'.If I told you my brilliant husband painted the outside of our house some kind of old lady grey blue would you feel better??If I plant some hydranges and get myself a blue rinse it will all co-ordinate perfectly : )xx

  5. Amy was thinking after seeing comment on Donna's blog that maybe next year camp bestival might be an option. Didn't those Yurt things look like good fun. What do you think?

  6. Absolutely Laura. Some friends asked us to go this year but I thought Moo might be a little young. Camping is not cheap there though so I reckon the yurts will be pretty pricy. So long as I can plug in my straighteners! x