Sunday, 1 November 2009


Mr C&B grew up in the States. He was slightly disappointed by the trick or treating. It is fair to say that Ashburton didn't really embrace Halloween. But, the little poppets dressed up (any opportunity) and we knocked on a few doors.
Sam held out a fake poo and said 'trick or treat' in the smallest scared voice possible. He told everyone he was Draclia and they came home with a little stash of goodies.
I took our pumpkin out the window when our treat supplies were getting low, snuggled up on the sofa and finished them off myself.
A thoroughly enjoyable affair!
Could only have been better if Bill (of True Blood) could have joined me - SWOON♥
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  1. I've never thought there was any similarity between you and Sam...until now!! Proper scary! x

  2. How cool Sam looks and how cute is Molly. Great costumes. Now tell me truthfully Amy did you eat any of those sweeties? I am properly gorged now, so I am well on the way to achieving that bottom we have all come to love. x

  3. oh my gosh they are so cute!!!!

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  4. Sooooo cute! We don't get to trick or treat round here as living in the middle of nowhere we only have cows and sheep s neighbours and I don't think they get Halloween!

  5. Love is fun here. Your two spookies looked great all dressed up.
    Now I am focused on the holidays. But loving that I am still wearing sandals.

  6. love Mr Dracula :) Here in Belgium Halloween doesn't seem to really happen, no trick or treaters here at all. Love your pumpkin too. Hugs, Catherine x