Wednesday, 13 January 2010


'Choose your key moments. Customise your jewellery. Wear your story.'

A little taster of what is to come.
Cute new charms and motif stamps fusing sentiment and style.
I will be adding lots of new charms and some gorgeous charm bracelets over the weekend (so that will end up being early next week).
Do you like?


  1. Yes! Especially the bird and wings x

  2. Now look I was going to go on about the bird, but I have been beaten to it! What is it with you two making lovely bird concoctions?! I've been thinking of donning a balaclava and tiptoeing into Kirsty's room to liberate the bird cage and now I'm going to have to make a trip to yours aswell.
    Just lovely Amy. I love it. I'm off now tohave a much closer look.
    AND mightily impressed. When did you have the time with all that Christmas madness to design them?
    Laura x
    Would you like to come up? Would love to see you all.