Saturday, 2 January 2010

Remember me?


I'm finally back after a much longer than planned break. Its fair to say that the Christmas rush was a bit of a shock to the system. I mean, I hoped to be busy and complained often in October when it was quiet but then when the orders did start coming in, they came in thick and fast and I was seriously not prepared for it.
I am totally amazed that Chambers & Beau has done so well. Feels like my little baby has properly taken off, much more than the little hobby I imagined, and I am feeling very excited and hopeful about this coming year.
Here are a few mentions from the past couple of weeks that has helped it on its way.

Wed Devon magazine.

Sunday Times Style magazine (get me)!

Baby Hampshire/Surrey

The Christmas break has been wonderful. I normally find the build up is the best bit and then the big day a bit of a let down but this year was ace. A well earned rest surrounded by my fab family, the new wood burner and some amazing presents and parties have made for one of the best holidays ever.

My sister came up trumps (as ever) with her gorgeous gifts for Molly, Mr C&B and I (check out her blog here).

Super cute robins for moi....

....beautiful owl cushion for Molly moo...

... and a lovely big chest for all of Mr C&B's camera equipment (so sick of seeing the stuff all over the house - now he has no excuse).

I bought a couple of these CUTE 'strap- ons' (cute and strap- on in the same sentence - lol) for my nephew and daughter. Get yours here - handmade in Cornwall!

And, this fantastic picture entitled 'Mulcrone Cowboys' (mulcrone is my married name) for my husband. Check out our friend Tom Wood's incredible works here.

Finally, that lovely Mr C&B, who will leave his camera gear all over the house no more, commissioned a Sarah Bowman painting for me (gulp).
How lucky am I? When i mentioned that i would like one of her paintings on a previous post I never thought for a second that he would actually take any notice. It was a Christmas/I'm so proud of you present and it made my cry (especially as she has become a very good friend who makes me laugh more than anyone I have ever met).

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too and I look forward to having some time now to start dropping in on you again from time to time.
Here's to 2010

P.S Was thinking about a little New Year give away. What do you reckon, a good idea for the next post?


  1. great idea for the next post. Glad that business is doing well and that you had a wonderful christmas.

  2. What lovely pressies, you lucky girl! Nice to see you back and that your super business is going from strength to strength, well done and very best wishes for the year ahead. Sarah

  3. Congratulations on all those great features. Love all your goodies, especially those robins! Happy New Year x

  4. thanks a lot for your visit on my blog, and your sweet comment!
    i've seen beautiful things on your shop... so glad i've found it :-)

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  6. You're back! Hoorah! I've missed you Amy and the whole C&B team. Very happy you have had such a busy time you definitely deserve it and i can't wait to hear all about it in person. And the painting, WOW Matt has earned some serious brownie points with that. What a beautiful gift. It's always very special having something made by a good friend and I should know.Love Laura x

  7. Love the cute owl pillow! Have a sweet day!