Monday, 22 February 2010

A little pick me up please!

After Christmas I had a couple of very welcome weeks off. Then I waited for things to pick up again and it hasn't really happened yet. I mean, it is way busier than this time last year when it all first began but nothing crazy. Valentines came and went with little excitement and mother's day is just around the corner but nothing much happening there either.
I think I enjoyed working under so much pressure pre Christmas and now I have lost all the spark I had left and generally feel bloody bored and can't really be arsed to get on with the work I have got to do.
I know I shouldn't feel this way, that I am being terribly ungrateful, especially when all this is going on....
Photoshoot for a double page spread for Devon Life magazine. A profile of Chambers & Beau in our local glossy in April. Friend Claire Tregaskis managed to make us all look great with her amazing camera skills....

My cufflinks featured in You & Your Wedding magazine.

My Pitter Patter necklace featured in Baby Surrey, Baby Hampshire and Baby London.
This feels like one almighty comedown after a month-long drug induced Christmas extravaganza (I am imagining as obviously I wouldn't know being the respectable mother of two that I am).
I'm needing some work related excitement in my life.
I can't be bored of Chambers & Beau already can I?
Is this just all part of the rollercoaster?
Can anyone suggest some sort of pick me up?
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  1. I think you would be less bored if the orders were coming in. Everyone thinks that if you are in the mags you are doing really well and are run off your feet. I have rarely found this to be the case. It brings me more attention but not necessarily sales! You look very gorgeous though :-)

  2. Wow what a beautiful picture of your family!
    I think it's February....even seems low at the moment. Roll on the Spring. ;0)

  3. hey Hon, Beautiful photo of you all! and can't wait to buy Devon life. Too exciting! It's bound to feel slow after the busy christmas period. The difference must feel strange, especially after being run off your feet. I'm sure that it will all build up again. Sending you a big hug and lots of love. laura x Plus how gorgeous does that plae pink necklace look?! Very I think.

  4. What a beautiful picture of your family !

    I hope you get past this slump - is it the dull weather and general February misery? I always find this month the hardest of the year

    Your jewellery is beautiful & covetable (as one who has been hoping for one for 2 years can confirm !) - I hope orders are flooding in as I type

  5. look at you! you all look gorgeous. things are up and down all the time, and the downs can be hard if you have been super busy. i complain when i'm too busy and complain when i've got little going on. i just complain really. my family love me.