Wednesday, 3 February 2010

l♥ve is in the air

I'm lusting after these gorgeous Valentine inspired prints and pictures at the moment. Hung on my wall they would be like a little mantra to calm me every time I am cross with Mr C&B (obviously that is hardly ever if you are to believe this perfect world that the Chambers, beau and me blog somehow creates). Lol!

All above products available from Not On The Highstreet.

I love this poem and have grand ideas to create my own picture using it (if time allows).

If the likelihood of receiving anything like the above, or any other kind of delicious valentine treat is somewhat slim ('fancy an early night love' is all i am expecting) then don't forget to enter the giveaway from the previous post. Then you might receive something fabulous for Valentines without any involvement from the other half!

Buckets of love, thanks and appreciation to all the lovely peeps for the comments on the previous post ♥


  1. Aren't they all gorgeous!!!

  2. Beautiful hearts Amy. And yes 'an early night' will probably be my only Valentine consolation too. Sigh!

  3. Oh those are nice - going to bookmark for when I redecorate my bedroom !

  4. that valentine heart wall is such a cute idea!