Thursday, 13 August 2009

A mother's rant

Unfortunately I am the type of person who worries when they realise that they are not worried about anything. Currently my main worry is that I do not have enough time to do all the things I should/want/need to be doing. The list seems sendless - blogging (not just the writing but looking at others and commenting), working (building my own business and designing for others), tweeting (why did I think it would be fun to get so addicted to another activity), housework (which always comes last) and of course the kids.
I feel so frustrated that I do not have time to do all of the above that it is probably having a negative effect on the little critters - omg, something else to worry about!
Sam (5) is behaving like a moody teenager although unfortunately not one who stays in bed late in the morning and Molly (20 months) just follows me around the house crying ALL THE TIME. She is so cross and I don't know why. I should have realised this when she was much younger...
These feelings will soon pass I am sure and things will quickly look brighter again. I just want to know how everyone else seems to be able to juggle so much stuff (so well) and seem so calm with such happy families.
Are you feeling my pain?
Is 6pm too early to open the red wine?
How long is it ok to not clean your bathroom for?
You get the picture x


  1. Amy, I feel your pain! Don't know how everybody else does it. Already up at 5.30am and working til 10 some nights and still not enough hours in the day. Housework? What's that?

  2. BTW, Molly looks like Chucky in that photo - scary!

  3. Only a sister could say that!

  4. AND yes do I feel your PAIN!
    6 pm definitely not too early!
    Rosa spends all her time saying Mummeeeeeee and Hector just repeats everything. I have real brain drain at the end of the day. You know that feeling when you've chewed on something frozen, that's precisely how I would describe it. Looking forward to preschool.

    AND even though you are obviously busy with all your new hobbies you still found time to source, buy and post my lovely package. Got home today and it was waiting for me. What a lovely surprise. Thank you wonderful Amy. So I think you should stop worrying and just relax into that glass of wine instead. xxx

  5. I am so feeling your pain Amy. I hate the feeling that I am not doing ANYTHING properly at all, far too many balls in the air! My house constantly looks like a crap hole, I suffer constant guilt that I am not spending enough time with the kids, my other half moans that he is neglected and I have no time to update my website, let alone blogging, tweeting, facebooking. When did life become so complicated. Thank god for wine x

  6. Amy, hi! :)
    You sure do have a busy schedule! Take comfort, you are not alone, I feel your pain, as well! I can only imagine how you must be juggling... hang in there!

  7. You wait until 6pm to open the wine??Around here when its like that 4.59 is near enough to 'wine o'clock' (5 soooo very 5) for me!! There are not enough hours in the day.I want to know who to speak to about getting this resolved.Its a killer and cranky emotional kids and hysterical mummy is the result-here anyway.Unfortunately it has become our 'routine' which is more frightening still.xx

  8. oh my goodness. are you kidding?! it's the story of my life! my 3 1/2 year old is also a moody teenager, i've got the new baby and some kind of remnants of a creative/business life. and it's the summer hols. oh! and we're buying a new house. i win!

  9. I like the term Crap hole. Quite fitting.

  10. So reassuring to see that we are not the only ones who struggle Amy! I think I will sleep better tonight now! xx

  11. right there with you!
    I break into the bottle right when I get home from work sometimes which can be 4:00 if I am lucky...or whiskey & coke. I HATE to clean and do bathrooms once a month..I'll wipe down w/ CLorox wipes in btwn..but the real down on your knees cleaning, I just don't have time for.
    My daughter is 3 this week...attached to my hip and whined all this morning until a minute ago when I put her down for a nap. If she is not whining she is fighting with her brother or demanding a snack.

    ...rant all you want

  12. totally feeling the pain, and remember it is always 6 oclock somewhere in the world, so open that wine and feel the joy!! i fail to acheive on a daily basis...........