Sunday, 9 August 2009

Weekend wishing

Loving these Pierre Hardy boots for Gap. But which ones to choose? They come in navy too - hmmmmmm. Available mid September from Gap stores.

Thinking that I might have to get a slendertone belt. Have been following Bea of Dulwich mum on twitter - omg she makes me laugh so much. Her tweets about her exercise regime - popping on the belt and pouring herself a G&T seriously make me chuckle. The thought of creating a six pack whilst making a few necklaces each day seems like heaven to me.
Lazy - moi?

And finally my dream car of the moment. Way too cute. I'll have it in baby blue with the soft top and maybe a stripe down the middle. Not very practical maybe but I can handle travelling light if it's in one of these. Anyway once the slendertone starts working we will all be able to squeeze in easy!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful stuff that you dream of!
    That car is my all time favourite too - a baby blue version drives around in my little town, and whenever I see it I tend to go: Ohh!! ;))