Sunday, 20 September 2009

Missing Mojo

It just disappeared out the front door this time last week. I am completely lacking in motivation, inspiration and I certainly have nothing of interest to write about on this here blog.
I'm hoping it will return again shortly but if anyone comes across it in the meantime I am willing to sort out some kind of reward.
I will be back soon - sorry peeps, I'm just not feeling it.
Image via this is glamorous. Hmmm, unfortunately this is not my front door. Would die for a hallway like this!


  1. Hang on in there Amy, it will come back. It's hard to get going again after the hols and this indian summer we re having isn't helping!

  2. A reward you say?! Send me one of your delish bracelets and your mojo will be sent by return of post. Just kidding, I have a sneaky suspicion my lovely hub has purchased something from you for my birthday as I saw your name on a paypal receipt email...Here's hoping!

  3. that happens to me sometimes. no inspiration. don't try and force it, it will come back. x