Monday, 21 September 2009

Molly Mooooooo

Check out my little poppet rocking her new leg warmers. Am thinking this is going to be the look for her second winter.

Am I scarring her for life?

Do you reckon she will ever forgive me?


  1. Lovely photo. The legwarmers are fab,in fact I bought a pair for my friend's little girl. We obviously both have great taste!

  2. oh yes legwarmers scaring
    I have some pink ones for Avery.

  3. as a teenager she will cringe but as a mother she will look back and gush at the severe cuteness of them and wish she had some for her daughter.In fact I want some......xx

  4. this is the sweetest photo ever!
    (ps nov-dec on the blog i am doing a great feature on the blog what-to-buy-for-who and will have the cutest kid stuff. hope you'll remember to take a peek then. it's nit usually a kids blog but will be for the holidays!