Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I surprise myself!

Finally, Molly has stopped crying. Even if I leave the room for more than 10 seconds, she still doesn't cry. Sam is being very polite and really quite lovely, thanks to the Ben 10 sticker chart we have been working on over the last couple of weeks.

I feel like a peace, of sorts, has descended on the C&B household and I feel sad that tomorrow Sam starts school again (omg, did I really just write that)?

Amazing right? I can hardly believe it myself. So, maybe my kids are rather nice little poppets after all. This means that perhaps I am doing a better job than I thought a few weeks back (see A Mother's Rant).
Earth mother? Maybe not.
Nice mummy who isn't shouting so much? You betcha!
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  1. Here here!! Besides that whole 'earth mother' caper must be WAAAYYYY over rated(although feeling very virtuous right now as both are in bed reading and I am reading you and sipping you know what : )) ).Go nice mummy who isn't shouting so much!!xx

  2. hooray for u!
    who knew Ben 10 could be such a help =) Stickers work wonders here too

  3. that's great to hear. it's all ups and downs isn't it. my isi can be a real pain in the bum and then totally delightful. i can go from tearing my hair out to smothering him with kisses. i'm also in a good spell...maybe something to do with nursery starting again!
    p.s. that ysl cuff is gorgeous! i'm not very blingy but i would make an exception for that.