Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I want that one!

I used to spend hours pouring over jewellery and fashion magazines and websites looking for inspiration for the next collection to be designed. Now, with most of my energies going into my lovely new project (chambers & beau) I don't get much chance for such indulgence.
Unless I have a particular design brief for a client I rarely bother which is a shame as I love working on inspiration mood boards....

.... particluarly when I come across something I really like.

This YSL cuff is another addition to my ever increasing wish list. I totally LOVE it. Maybe its the simplicity or maybe its the branding - I mean I wouldn't be quite so desperate for it if the address was engraved to Primani!
Another YSL cuff.
Mock croc on jewellery always works for me.

And these Hermes (I think) leather bracelets are just fabulous.
I will have one of each please, thank you very much.
Have a feeling I will be wanting for a rather long time.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Keep on coming

with the birthday treats. How long can I milk this for?
Lovely cupcake card from Laura - you know me so well with the red and white polka dots x
Gorgeous beach hut picture made by my very clever big sister x
Notice all the cake and chocolate - birthday treat to myself - slendertone belt!
Happy birthday to me :)
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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I'm gunna be....

35 tomorrow - Gaahhhhh.
My lovely friends gave me a gorgeous birthday brunch this morning.
I am a very lucky girl!
(excuse terrible photos taken with iphone)

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Monday, 17 August 2009

I LOVE celebrities

Omg, my NBF gets everywhere doesn't she? Nothing like celebrity endorsement for a bit of press - The Daily Mail (online) no less.
Get me!Will try not to post about her again else she might think I am turning into a stalker. Because obviously she reads my blog everyday.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

A mother's rant

Unfortunately I am the type of person who worries when they realise that they are not worried about anything. Currently my main worry is that I do not have enough time to do all the things I should/want/need to be doing. The list seems sendless - blogging (not just the writing but looking at others and commenting), working (building my own business and designing for others), tweeting (why did I think it would be fun to get so addicted to another activity), housework (which always comes last) and of course the kids.
I feel so frustrated that I do not have time to do all of the above that it is probably having a negative effect on the little critters - omg, something else to worry about!
Sam (5) is behaving like a moody teenager although unfortunately not one who stays in bed late in the morning and Molly (20 months) just follows me around the house crying ALL THE TIME. She is so cross and I don't know why. I should have realised this when she was much younger...
These feelings will soon pass I am sure and things will quickly look brighter again. I just want to know how everyone else seems to be able to juggle so much stuff (so well) and seem so calm with such happy families.
Are you feeling my pain?
Is 6pm too early to open the red wine?
How long is it ok to not clean your bathroom for?
You get the picture x

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Weekend wishing

Loving these Pierre Hardy boots for Gap. But which ones to choose? They come in navy too - hmmmmmm. Available mid September from Gap stores.

Thinking that I might have to get a slendertone belt. Have been following Bea of Dulwich mum on twitter - omg she makes me laugh so much. Her tweets about her exercise regime - popping on the belt and pouring herself a G&T seriously make me chuckle. The thought of creating a six pack whilst making a few necklaces each day seems like heaven to me.
Lazy - moi?

And finally my dream car of the moment. Way too cute. I'll have it in baby blue with the soft top and maybe a stripe down the middle. Not very practical maybe but I can handle travelling light if it's in one of these. Anyway once the slendertone starts working we will all be able to squeeze in easy!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Name the cat

Somehow this week we went out for a little stroll and ended up coming home with a new cat. The picture above is not of said cat as she will not come out of hiding from under the bed but she looks pretty much like this. Really, really pretty, dark grey and green eyes. She is lame so doesn't walk too well and she is very scared (guessing she must have had a tough time before she arrived chez C&B). We are struggling to come up with a name for her so if anyone has any good suggestions.........................
P.S - apologies for lack of posts and comments. Kids school holidays really mucks up the schedule huh!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Birthday Treat

Mr C&B took me away for an early birthday treat on the weekend. It was totally and utterly super amazingly lush! He surprised me with a lovely stay in the Veuve Clicquot room at Hotel Du Vin in Bristol. We ate beautiful food all weekend and drank champagne in our double baths. He took me for a mega shopping trip, I was soooo spoilt. We felt like we did before Sam and Moo came along and I think we fell in love a little bit more.
I will not be complaining about him for ages after this divine weekend. I feel so relaxed, rejuvenated and happy. He will certainly be in my good books for oooh two weeks at least I reckon.

'For god sake, can you put that bloody bin out - how many times do I have to ask?'
Well, a good few hours anyway!