Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bikini can wait

A hectic weekend celebrating family birthdays has taken it's toll. Mr C&B is away "working" at Glastonbury (lucky git) while I hold the fort. As I have been home alone I took the opportunity to lose a few pounds by doing a juicing detox. Was feeling really quite slim on Friday but now realise that detoxes and birthdays do not go well together. Hoping I haven't undone all my hard work.
To make matters worse, am now surrounded by this..

.... while I put together party bags for Sam's upcoming birthday party.
Not sure I can hold out much longer....

.... once I start I just can't stop. SHIT.
Those skinny jeans, bikini, in fact anything figure hugging is just gunna have to wait.
Do you feel my pain?


  1. Oh, I feel your pain! I'm always trying to watch what I eat but my husband brings home goodies almost every night :(

    No. will. power.

  2. I looove sweets and all things bad. In fact once a packet of haribo is opened I can't stop until it's finished! AND then they make me feel ill. I sooooo feel your pain. x

  3. If its in the house pretty quickly its in my mouth! No will power.Zero.Eat it all up and then you won't have to think about them.You can always starve yourself another day.....Oh now thats good role model stuff isn't it!? Oops.xx

  4. I sure do...I looove love sweets....chocolate & PB get me every time. I have been on vacation & have been eating & drinking nonstop. I am now paying for it.

    What are Crunchies? Like Nestle Crunch bars~ chocolate & crisp rice?