Thursday, 18 June 2009


Clare (of Lulu Carter lovelyness) and I arranged a swop a couple of weeks ago. She wanted one of my necklaces and I just couldn't choose what to have as everything she makes is so adorable. I asked for a surprise, and boy, did she surprise me. It was so exciting opening the parcel, my treats were packaged so beautifully.

My goodness, I wasn't expecting all this.

The lovely pirate bunny is going to be mine, all mine. He is now sitting on the shelf in my bedroom.

The amazing dream catcher hangs in Molly's room. She can't take her eyes off it.

And, in my opinion, the piece de resistance, the gorgeous Lulu doll. She is going to sit in my cupboard until Molly will appreciate her just a little bit more. Her second birthday is in December so Lulu will come out of hiding then.
I completely LOVE her.

Thanks Clare, you are super talented and all the little details make your products so much more special. These will be treasured by all the family.


  1. Oh I love them and I found Lulu'a work through your blog. What a scrummy swap!

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  3. Oh you are so sweet.Thankyou for the lovely rave-I haven't taken shots yet as I was waiting for the other part.Everyone adores it and is very jealous!! Spreading the word : ) What on earth did Steve say???

  4. What a fabulous parcel to receive. The pieces look absolutely gorgeous - can't wait to see them in real life! You lucky girls!!

  5. By the way, Clare, Steve (other half) said exactly what I said above - it's just that I didn't realise he was signed in and not me!

  6. Was gunna say - I never removed anything!

  7. Oh too funny!! I wondered what could be offensive about a lulu doll: )

  8. What a wonderful swap. The dolls are just beautiful. I bet Lulu was delighted with her jewellery too!