Thursday, 4 June 2009

This week....

I have spent some time............

1... waiting for the Mulberry bag to arrive.

2... in fact, way too much time, checking out my sister's new blog, sixtyone A. Check out her lovely boats, cards and handmade loveliness there, or here at Folksy. Wonders will never cease. She has finally 'gotten down with the kids' and gone techno crazy with folksy, a blog, even facebook god damn it!

3.... buying and trying on leggings. Can't work out whether they look quite cool or a bit 'mutton dressed as lamb'. Please note that I am not planning on wearing them with a crop top and stilettos!

4.... looking for our cat, Woody, who has disappeared. Been gone for over a week now so I don't really hold out much hope.

5.... lazing around hippo stylie (maybe the leggings are not such a good idea after all) in the lovely sunshine in the back garden/yard.
Btw, I do not let my daughter drink lager, she just happened upon a can (full, unopened) and it kept her amused for a while......

The view if you look up (lying on the hammock/sunbed, glass of wine in hand) is stunning.

6... making lots of necklaces for it has been a busy week. Have started selling at Babes with Babies online boutique. Also in the process of designing an exclusive line especially for them. Quite exciting as it is such a beautiful store with the most stylish collection of mother and baby gifts.

7... worrying. I have spent too much time doing all these other things that now on the eve of Matt's birthday I am worried that I have not done enough for his birthday celebrations. Not sure that the potato peeler and oven mitt are gunna cut it somehow.


  1. Not sure about the leggings either ;-)
    Comfortable yes ... but not at all stylish not to mention complimentary.

    Just stumbled upon your blog ... looking forward reading more. Hope you find your cat.

    Greetings from a cloudy Holland.

  2. 1.Oh Amy you are brave about the leggings. All my fashion sense disappeared upon having the children.
    2.And please Woody come back, maybe he's gone on a little holiday somewhere.
    3. Fantastic news about Babes with babies, Yeah you go girl.
    4. A big Happy Birthday to Matt x

  3. oh so sorry about woody...still hold on to a little hope!!
    Go for the leggings..very cute under dresses
    ~boys are happy with anything from their wife & babes, so I am sure his bday will go on just fine!

    have a great weekend!!!