Saturday, 13 June 2009

I'm pregnant

Ah (sharp intake of breath)! Chilax, I'm not pregnant, much better news, I am in this summer's edition of I'm Pregnant magazine (out next week). I have never been much of a reader of baby magazines but this relatively new glossy looks great.
The orders are currently flying in thanks to the mention in Angels and Urchins so I am hoping this Chambers & Beau Molly necklace on the maternity fashion pages will have a similar effect. Yay, bring it on x

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  1. Your necklaces are adorable! What a great post title to got me to thinking you were.

  2. Amy, Your post came up on my dashboard and all I could see was ''I'm pregnant!' My heart leapt and my tummy turned. AND for one crazy second I even thought I was pregnant. Huge sigh of relief when I realised that I wasn't and that you have had such great publicity. You totally deserve it. I heart my necklace it is the nicest thing anyone has ever given me. Might have to add another tag to it one day, but not just yet. Far to busy enjoying the sleep. x

  3. God,Amy,I nearly choked on my muesli!Well done sis, brilliant news about the magazine.
    PS You'd tell me first if you were, wouldn't you?

  4. Sorry all if I caused any distress. Kirsty - don't worry that news is never gunna come and Laura - can't wait to add another addition to your necklace!
    Sorry about using Chilax too. I think it is probably a way uncool word to use (especially for a mum) but I only just heard it. I like it and I'm gunna use it!

  5. I've never heard Chilax before!!How funny.I see no reason why a mum can't be cool-especially when she is in magazines!! How the hell do you do that?I am a 'fraidy cat' as Henry would say.Well done you!!
    Do you know I love my necklace so damn much I am wearing it even with the wrong name on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Henry is not terribly understanding.......xx

  6. Thanks Clare - new charm is on its way as we speak along with extra rose quartz stones. Have a horrible feeling I missed them off too - sorry. Terribly bad service x Go for it with the magazines. Well worth it for sure. Just send a press release of your stunning works, sit back, chilax and watch the orders flood in (had to get chilax in there again) x

  7. ah I was fooled too at first =)
    more greatness for you & your co! I must go look back at them again...